Do you need more sleep?

Over this past summer I read a really interesting article in National Geographic that mentioned how our society has made "sleep deprivation a lifestyle", yet everything we learn about sleep suggests how important it is to both our physical and mental health (Finkel, 2018). In fact, I would argue that sleep is just as important as both nutrition and physical activity. When working with all my clients who want to lose weight I am always discussing sleep, activity, and nutrition, as they are all interconnected. What makes sleep so important? Keeps you energized Improves productivity and concentration Good sleep often translates to lesser calories Sleep supports your immune function Poor sleep l

Pumpkin Carrot Muffins

I am one of those pumpkin obsessed people, I like it all! Pumpkin risotto, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin desserts and of course pumpkin spice lattes. I even have pumpkin decorations all over my house. I pick up fresh veggies from a local farm every other week and lately I have been getting a lot of pumpkin, squashes, and carrots, tis the season. I decided to bake a healthy treat using both pumpkin and carrot, which means lots of vitamin A (specifically beta-carotene). What is beta-carotene? It is a precursor to vitamin A, which means it gets converted into vitamin A in your body. We need vitamin A for healthy skin, eye health, and immune health. Beta-carotene is also a powerful antioxidant that hel

Should you be Consuming Collagen?

If you follow different health accounts on social media you have probably seen a lot of people using collagen powder in their meals, most commonly added to smoothies or coffee beverages. Today I will be breaking down what collagen is and whether or not the research backs its consumption. What is Collagen? Collagen is an animal protein It comprises majority (30%) of the total protein in animals and humans Collagen is mainly found in bone, connective tissue and skin Collagen promotes skin elasticity (as we age we naturally produce less collagen, which often leads to dry skin and fine lines) A byproduct of Collagen is gelatin (when heated)- which is commonly used as a thickener/stabilizer Colla

The Food Mood Connection

Did you know that your gut is known as your second brain? It's being called that because it has the ability to impact your thoughts, feelings, and ultimately behaviour. More and more research is being done on our gut microbiome and we still have so much to learn. However, as a health professional it is so exciting to know the potential it holds. So, what happens when your gut is unhappy? Recently I wrote an article for Canfitpro Magazine all about the food mood connection. Have a read to learn more and get this delicious warm lentil arugula salad recipe (it will help keep your gut bacteria happy). Click here to read my full article. Cheers to happy and healthy eating! Until next time, Eat Ri

Simple Baked Tofu and Veggies

Today is world vegetarian day. The day was founded in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society and is used to kick off October as vegetarian awareness month. Whether you are vegetarian or not, eating more vegetarian meals is a great way to support your health and our environment. Top 5 Benefits of Eating more Vegetarian Meals: Prevention of chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, and cancer) Improvement in mood Weight management Longevity Sustainability (preserving ecosystems like rainforests, decreasing green house gases, etc.) In fact, a recent systematic literature review (Dinu et al., 2017) found significant reduced levels of body mass index, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, a

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