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Empowering you to feel confident feeding your baby and enjoy the process too! 

There is so much information out there when it comes to feeding your baby. If you are looking to learn more about introducing solids using a self-feeding (baby led weaning inspired) approach, this online support program is for you. 

I want to offer you support so that you can stop worrying and feel good about feeding your baby. My support includes online learning as well as direct support from me, through 1:1 sessions and text/email support. 


From supporting tons of mini clients and my own personal experience with two very different eaters, I am ready to support you and your family in this new exciting phase of eating solid food. 



Support for introducing solids
to your little one

Program includes:

Includes access to 14+ short video modules on important topics to support you in introducing solids to your little one.

Self-directed learning modules include:

  • The approach to feeding (baby led – it isn’t about weaning
    but following your baby’s cues and direction. Supporting
    self-feeding). Why baby led feeding makes sense and the
    research to support it

  • How to know when your baby is ready (discuss 4 months
    versus 6 months)

  • How to start 

  • What foods to start with (texture, sizing, shape)

  • Sample videos on first food exposures  

  • Importance of iron rich foods

  • What to expect 

  • Gagging versus choking

  • Some early foods to avoid

  • What about purees 

  • Offering water

  • Introducing common allergens

You will get unlimited access to these videos for 4 months
from your purchase date. 


Handouts include:

  • Best first foods

  • Iron rich foods ideas

  • Favourite baby feeding products 

  • Introducing allergens check list

  • Food sizing examples 6-9 months versus 9-12 months

  • Baby led waning recipe booklet with 15+ recipes developed
    and tested by Angela that are baby friendly 

  • Summary booklet for baby led feeding

  • A family friendly sample meal plan with 3 breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that can be shared with your baby


Program includes 2 1:1 visits with Angela to answer your questions
and to support your individual child’s needs. During these visits Angela will develop a specific plan of action and meal ideas for your child and their needs.


In addition to the 1:1 visits you get access to support from Angela via email or text message for 2 months from your purchase date.

Red Head Baby

Not looking for the 1:1 support?

Get access to the intuitive intuitive introductions self-paced course. It includes everything mentioned above except for the 1:1 visits and unlimited email/text support.

What Clients Say

I took your baby led feeding webinar and my little guy is absolutely loving everything. Your support was the perfect starting ground for me to gain some confidence and not be as nervous or overwhelmed. He's doing so much better than I could have ever imagined. We are already enjoying 2 meals each day and I feel like he already wants more (he is 8 months now). I'm just feeling so much more comfortable myself seeing how well he is doing.

Programs are eligible to be covered by extended health care benefits for registered dietitian services.

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