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Kids Nutrition

If you are feeling overwhelmed as a parent, you are not alone. There is a lot of misinformation and differing opinions when it comes to nutrition. How do I get my child to try new foods? Should they be taking supplements? How do I raise a healthy eater? 

Angela is here to support and guide you through these questions.

Helping you feel confident about feeding your children.

Offering virtual services to support you with:

Introducing solids to your baby

(check out upcoming dates for my baby led weaning live webinars OR join my Intuitive Introductions program)


your child

to support growth and development

Fuelling your active child

to support specific sports needs

Picky eating


Meal planning

for busy families


Picky Eating Support Program 

Struggling with a picky eater at home? You're not alone! Many parents face challenges when it comes to feeding their little ones, but with the right guidance and strategies, mealtime can become enjoyable and less stressful.

Angela specializes in supporting families with picky eaters. Angela will develop a personalized plan that promotes health eating habits and ensures adequate nutrition for your child.

Whether your child is a picky eater, has sensory sensitivities, or struggles with specific dietary needs, Angela will offer compassionate and expert guidance to help your family thrive.

This program includes visits over a 3-month period to ensure that progress is being made.

What's included?

  • Initial assessment (can be done in person or virtually)

  • Plan of action/protocol to follow - based on your individual child's needs

  • Weekly check ins via email

  • 3 follow-up visits with adjustments to the plan as needed

  • Healthy recipes and meal planning support


Nutrition for Families Package

Includes an initial assessment to determine your needs.

The initial assessment will include a starting plan of action

for your child and/or your family including meal ideas and

healthy recipes.

  • Includes 2 follow up sessions 

  • Option to custom meal plans


Connect with Angela to book your initial session

Image by Brooke Lark

Programs are eligible to be covered by extended health care benefits for registered dietitian services.

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