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Intuitive Introductions: Support for Introducing Solids

Intuitive Introductions: Support for Introducing Solids


Intuitive Introductions

Includes access to fourteen 5-15 minute modules on important topics to support you in introducing solids to your little one. 


Self-directed learning modules include:

  • The approach to feeding (baby led – it isn’t about weaning but following your baby’s cues and direction. Supporting self-feeding). Why baby led feeding makes sense and the research to support it

  • How to know when your baby is ready (discuss 4 months versus 6 months)

  • How to start 

  • What foods to start with (texture, sizing, shape)

  • Sample videos on first food exposures  

  • Importance of iron rich foods

  • What to expect 

  • Gagging versus choking

  • Some early foods to avoid

  • What about purees 

  • Offering water

  • Introducing common allergens

You will get unlimited access to these videos for 6 months from your purchase date.

Handouts include:

  • Best first foods

  • Iron rich foods ideas

  • Favourite baby feeding products 

  • Baby led waning recipe booklet with 12 recipes developed and tested by Angela that are baby friendly 

  • Summary booklet for baby led feeding

Program includes 2 1:1 visit with Angela to answer your questions and to support your individual child’s needs. 

Access to support from Angela via email or text message for 2 months from your purchase date.

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