Cabbage Wraps

I have had lettuce wraps at restaurants before but never actually made them myself. The other day I had a head of cabbage in fridge and thought it would be a great idea to use the cabbage leaves as wraps (and I must say it turned out delicious). I actually loved using the cabbage leaves because it provided a nice crunchy texture and held all the inside contents without the usual mess. Give this simple and family friendly recipe a try the next time you're in the kitchen. Image disclaimer: my partner wanted to eat a jumbo one, so this photo is using the very outer cabbage section. The cabbage head will provide you with a variety of 'bowl' sizes, with a perfect size for everyone in your family

Homemade Bolognese Sauce

I LOVE pasta, especially with a homemade bolognese style sauce. This is one of my comfort foods. I feel like I speak about comfort food a lot, so I'd like to briefly explain it here. When I say comfort food it means I associate that food with happy memories, family, and love, all of which bring me comfort. Essentially, that food makes me think of home. What are some of your comfort foods? Tomato season is amongst us, my mini backyard garden is actually producing some beautiful tomatoes as you read this. If you don't have a garden at home you can definitely find local tomatoes at any grocery store this time of year. My family partakes in the long standing Italian tradition of canning tomatoes

Summer Burgers

I love a homemade barbecued burger in the summer. Believe it or not making homemade burgers isn't super time consuming. I typically make a big patch and then keep some stored in my freezer. Making a big batch is helpful for those busy summer nights, you can pop them out of the freezer and head straight to the grill. This summer I have been using the Pampered Chef burger press to help get that perfect burger shape. It's simple to use and you can make slider sized burgers for the kiddies. It definitely is a must have kitchen tool if you enjoy summer burgers. The Classic Family Chicken Burger: I grew up enjoying this recipe and still love to make it myself (I have added a few of my own touches,

Which bread should you choose?

Do you find it difficult to choose a bread? Are some better for you than others? We see all sorts of terms like, whole wheat, whole grain and multigrain when walking down the bread aisle in the grocery store. But what do all these terms mean? Is there a difference and which one should you choose? Here are 4 tips to help you make the healthiest choice when selecting bread. 1. Select whole grain breads A research study conducted by Harvard found that people who consumed the most whole grains (70 grams per day or approximately 4 servings) had an overall lower risk of premature death. In addition, this risk was lower when compared between individuals who consumed little or no whole grains to th

Healthy Eating on the Road

Summer is the perfect time to head out on road trips. However, eating on the road can be challenging especially when your day starts early. A great way to help ensure you eat healthy (even when on the road) is packing some healthy meals and/or snacks for your trip (see more below). BUT if packing isn't an option or you're super crunched for time here are some fast food breakfast meal options: Burger King English Muffin with Egg and Cheese or English Muffin-Toasted with Strawberry Jam This English muffin with egg and cheese is a great option if you are looking to start your day off with some protein. However, keep in mind the sodium (aka salt) content is quite high. One way that you can cut d

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