Canada’s Food Guide is being Revised!

Canada’s food guide is in need of a face lift to help reflect our current food environment. Health Canada recognizes that need and has decided to revise our food guide. The ultimate purpose of Canada’s food guide is to provide practical eating recommendations based on evidence-based scientific research. All to help inform and better our food choices. Phase 1 of this massive project is involves YOU! Participate in a survey to help provide Health Canada with input on what needs to be improved in the NEW food guide. Your input will be used to (Government of Canada, 2016): Identify ways to effectively communicate nutrition information to Canadians Develop healthy eating recommendations a

When in Rome you drink wine, eat lots, and enjoy mealtime! :)

I recently got back from Italy where I visited Venice, Florence, Sorrento, and Rome. Besides the history, beautiful views, ocean, and my own wedding ceremony (just my husband and I), my favourite part was the food!! As a dietitian I had a particular interest in the food and the food environment. My short time in Italy really got me thinking about how our food environment can completely influence how and what we eat. Listed below are some food environment observations I made while vacationing in Italy. 1) Fast food was not what we typically think of in North America Now don’t get me wrong I still saw McDonald’s (those golden arches are worldwide) and Burger King (mainly in the larger cities)

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