Introducing solids: 4 months or 6 months, is one better?

I recently had my 4 month baby visit with my pediatrician and got an information package that suggested introducing solids anywhere between 4 and 6 months. As a dietitian and family food expert, who has done additional training in infant feeding, I have always suggested parents start closer to 6 months. However, in my infant feeding workshops there is always TONS of confusion about when to start and parents have received different information from different health care providers. During my own visit I experienced this first hand, I mean 4-6 months can be a huge range, especially when it comes to babies and their growth. That being said, my pediatrician is wonderful and was confident I could

What the heck is diastasis recti?

You may have heard this term before, but essentially it means your rectus abdominis is separating (those six pack abs at the fore front of your core). Sounds scary right? Before you get too scared let me explain exactly why this is happening and more importantly what you can do to help reduce any further separation and restore your core strength postpartum. What is diastasis recti anyway and is it normal? Diastasis recti means there is some abdominal separation happening, usually causing your belly to stick out creating this small cone shaped pooch or something also known as ‘mummy tummy.’ Some background anatomy for you: Diastasis means separation and recti stands for the rectus abdominis.

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