Protein Powders: Things to Consider

If you have been to the gym recently you have likely seen all sorts of protein shakes or beverages being consumed both during and post workouts. Choosing a protein powder can be overwhelming, you can find them at almost any nutrition store, fitness store, and even some grocery stores. So how do you know which one to choose? Which one is the best for you? If you have never had a protein shake but want to start incorporating them into your routine, read on. In this blog post I will be discussing what the latest evidence says about protein powders, when and why you would want to use them, and provide you with some general tips to help you choose a protein powder that's right for you! What are t

My BBQ Favourites

With the warm air, sun shining, and the long weekend around the corner I have been daydreaming about barbecued food. As a Canadian I look forward to the spring and summer months and crave barbecue as soon as the weather gets nice. Do you get that craving too? There is something so great about a meal that is cooked outside and can be eaten outside too! Below are a few of my favourite BBQ items. I hope they provide you with some inspiration for your long weekend meals! 1. Salmon I like to make my salmon with simple and fresh ingredients. Below is a meal from last summer, salmon topped with olive oil, onions, lemons, salt /black pepper, and fresh dill. Wrap in aluminum foil and cook on the BBQ

Mom's Quick Tomato Sauce

In honour of mother's day I am sharing one of my favourite recipes from my mom (although it was hard to pick just one). My mom has always been a great cook, so great that as a child I would get upset if I had to eat out for days (like when I went on overnight school trips). Crazy right? My mom has always been great at making nutritious comfort food that is simple yet incredibly tasty. I am so grateful I had such a wonderful role model growing up and someone to teach me the tips and tricks to simple and healthy cooking. This tomato sauce is super simple and delicious (if you garden over the summer this recipe is a perfect way to use up all those cherry tomatoes). Serves 4-6 people Ingredients

Meal Planning - Tips To Get You Started!

Most people have heard about the benefits of meal planning (saves you time, saves you money, helps you eat healthier, and the list goes on), but getting started can be so overwhelming. To be honest, I am not a PRO meal planner myself. I don't prep all my meals for the week ahead of time, however I do a few things that really help ensure I am eating healthy throughout the week. By doing so I am encouraged to make healthy choices daily. Our food environment (what types of foods we are surrounded with) will influence what eat, lets be honest if there is a bag of chips sitting in your cupboard, you're eventually going to eat them (or at least I would)! In today's blog post I am going to share w

My Nutrition Journey

I remember being in a first year interdisciplinary class at Ryerson University and being asked to write a reflection piece about why we decided to study nutrition and food. My initial thought was that I liked both science and psychology and my guidance counsellor said nutrition covered both (and that was part of the reason). However, as I reflected further I realized that I love everything about food, from its role in our health to cooking and baking. I actually grew up in a 'foodie' family. My mom is a great cook and my grandmother is even better. My grandmother was a head chef and co-owner of two different banquet halls and still in her old age loves to cook and experiment with different r

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