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Holiday Food Traditions

I think almost every family has their own holiday food traditions. For me, it is impossible to think about the holidays and not think about the food that goes along with it.

Take a minute and think about your holiday meals, is there something you just have to have? For me, on thanksgiving it's my Zia's delicious stuffing (made with all sorts of cheeses and prosciutto) and on christmas I am always expecting some type of pasta (usually lasagna or ravioli) or an assortment of fried fish (calamari, shrimp) on christmas eve. (Yes, my background is Italian - in case you were wondering).

My other holiday food tradition is roasting chestnuts. I absolutely LOVE roasted chestnuts and you really only get to enjoy them around the holidays, so I definitely partake in some roasting activities.

I have also created my own christmas food tradition, where I make friends and family my chocolate coconut granola (recipe with be coming shortly). This year is my second year doing this and it already feels like a true holiday food tradition. :)

What is your favourite holiday food tradition?

Here is a short but fun article from Global News that talks about holiday food traditions. Have a quick read and think about your holiday food traditions.

Food is about so much more than the nutrients it provides us. Food brings meaning to traditions, brings people together and helps us create lasting memories. Always aim to be a mindful eater, and remember to fully enjoy your upcoming holiday meals.

Until next time,

Eat Right Feel Right

Xo - Angela

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