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Planning for Postpartum 

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Replenishing We spend so much time planning for pregnancy, labour & birth but we don't spend time planning our postpartum recovery. The 4th trimester is both a beautiful & transformative time, but it can also be challenging. You are recovering from birth, taking care of baby/babies, and slowly figuring out who you are as a parent. We've teamed up with Angela Wallace RD to bring you a workshop focused on YOU, your recovery & your journey.


  • What to expect physically when recovering from birth (vaginal or caesarean)

  • Recognizing the difference between Baby Blues and a Postpartum Mood Disorder

  • The myth and unrealistic expectations associated with “bouncing back”

  • Sleep expectations and needs (we mean for you, not baby)

  • Getting the right support

  • Sex/Intimacy after baby

  • Postpartum Nutrition: postnatal supplements, important nutrients that support recovery

  • Postpartum hormones

  • The importance of meal planning

  • What is nutrition repletion

  • The postpartum body

  • Exploring movement & exercise

All attendees will receive recipe & meal ideas from Angela, and a postpartum planning guide from us!

Workshop in affiliation with Lifetime of Love Doula Services

Next webinar is Wednesday March 31st at 7pm.

Click here to learn more or get your ticket

Baby Led Feeding

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  • What is baby led feeding (also known as baby led weaning)

  • What to expect with baby led feeding

  • How to know if baby led feeding is the right choice for you and your baby

  • How to know if your baby is ready for solids

  • Offering a variety of textures (we’ll talk about purees)

  • How much food to offer your baby

  • How to offer solids to a baby safely

  • What foods to offer first


  • Meal ideas and recipes

  • A complimentary 20 minute virtual consultation with Angela Wallace

  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook group with other Baby Led Feeding families which includes more recipes as well as additional and ongoing tips and support

  • One lucky attendee will be the winner of a baby led feeding themed giveaway (details to be revealed)

Workshop in affiliation with Lifetime of Love Doula Services

Next webinar is Sunday May 30th at 10am.

Click here to learn more or get your ticket

Solid Food Transitions
Feeding your little beyond 1 year


Creating a Healthy & Mindful Little Eater


This 1 hour webinar facilitated by Registered Dietitian and Family Food Expert Angela Wallace focuses on the transitional time after your baby has started solids and you want to learn more about what's next.

This 1 hr workshop all about feeding your 18 month – 4 year old. As parents/caregivers we play a hug role in supporting positive mealtime experiences and promoting mindful eating.


  • What and how much your little one should be eating as they approach 1 year and beyond

  • How to encourage and offer different types of foods

  • How much milk should your little one be having?

  • Differences between cow's milk and other plant-based alternatives. 

Next webinar is Thursday September 23rd at 7:30 pm.

Head to my shop, to get your ticket! 


  • What your role is as the parent/caregiver when it comes to feeding your little one.

  • What your child's role is.

  • How to promote and support positive meal time routines.

  • How much food is appropriate for their little bellies at the various ages.

  • Tips, tricks, and strategies to promote mindful eating.

  • Tips, tricks and strategies to reduce picky eating.

  • Receive PDF placemat to help promote healthy eating, family friendly recipes, and ideas on how to encourage new foods.

When? TBD. Check back soon for a date.

Your Guide to Nutrition & Exercise During Pregnancy

Health Shake


  • Nutrients that are key to supporting your baby's growth

  • What supplements to consider taking (prenatally and during the 4th trimester)

  • How to best support you and your baby through food and nutrition

  • Exercise during pregnancy:  what to do, what to avoid and all the ways you can stay active (even during a pandemic)

This is a FREE webinar

Workshop in affiliation with Lifetime of Love Doula Services

Next webinar date is Wednesday April 21st at 7pm.

Click here to learn more or get your ticket

Immune System Support 

Image by Brooke Lark

This 1 hour webinar facilitated by Registered Dietitian Angela Wallace focuses on all the ways you can support your immune system this fall and winter. She will cover topics such as gut health, foods and supplements to support immunity, and how sleep and stress can impact immunity as well. 

You will leave with a sample 7-day meal plan full of immune supporting recipes.

Happening Wednesday October 3rd at 7:30pm.

Head to my shop, to get your ticket! 

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