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We love being able to share our passion and expertise on nutrition, fitness, and health with the larger community and media. 
Angela offers a fun, authentic, and inspirational approach to her media work and is a trusted nutrition and fitness expert. 
Are you looking for a nutrition or fitness expert to work with your brand, create content, write or speak publicly? 
Featured in:
Smart Starts for Back to School - Healthy Directions Magazine, Fall 2019
2 Meals in 1 - Canfitpro Magazine, Summer 2019
Meal Prepping Steps for Success - Canfitpro Magazine, Summer 2019
Seasonal Eating over the Summer - Canfitpro Magazine, Summer 2019
Top 5 Spring Superfoods - Healthy Directions Magazine, Spring/Summer 2019
Vegetarian or vegan and pregnant? - Lifetime of Love Doula Blog, May 2019
Beauty Food- D'FYNE Magazine, Spring 2019
Pediatric Allergy Guidelines - Lifetime of Love Doula Blog, April 2019
Meal planning for busy families - Vaughan Moms Radio Show, March 2019
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Turbo charge your mornings - Canfitpro Magazine, April 2019
Is your gut happy? - alive Magazine, January 2019
Can edible collagen turn back the clock? - Chatelaine Magazine, February 2019
Healthy eating on a budget - Wise Investor Podcast, February 2019
Is gluten free healthier? - Goodlife Magazine, Summer 2018
Best lunch ideas for back to school - Healthy Directions Magazine, August 2018
Fresh herbs for the spring - Healthy Directions Magazine, May 2018
Plant based family fuel - IMPACT Magazine, May 2018
Dinner in a dish - York Life Magazine, March 2018
Give your immune system a boost - alive Magazine, April 2018
Lectins, are they really the next gluten? - alive Magazine, January 2018
Do picky eaters rule your mealtime? - alive Magazine, January 2018
Hunger cues - What She Said Radio Show, October, 2017
Mindful eating over the holidays - What She Said Radio Show, December 2017
Healthy summer snacks - aXis Rogers TV - Summer 2017
All about sugar - In the Know Rogers TV, December 2016
Holiday treats - Daytime Rogers TV - Winter 2016
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