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Introducing Eat Right Feel Right's ebooks. These books were created to help guide you along your health journey. Each book provides great nutrition information, tips, tricks, and most importantly healthy and simply recipes to follow.



This book contains everything you need to know about smoothies. What they should include, what ingredients to keep handy, and how to ensure you feel satisfied after having one. It also includes 10 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes and a full grocery list.
This book contains everything you need to know about packing your own healthy yet simple lunches. It includes details on how to create balanced meals to help keep you satisfied all afternoon along and avoid sugar crashes or afternoon cravings. It also includes 10
healthy lunch recipes and a
full grocery list. 
This book is a guideline to all things nutrition throughout each trimester. Things to expect like nausea, heart burn, etc. and tips and tricks on how to handle these symptoms and still feel healthy.
It also contains important information on how to eat
healthy throughout pregnancy and ensure you are getting all
the nutrients you and your growing baby needs. 
BONUS: this is a FREE resource made just for you. If you want more individualized support, connect with me as I offer pre and post natal nutrition support. 

For more information on available eBooks Contact Angela

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