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Baby Led Weaning Workshop

Fermented Foods Workshop 

In collaboration with the Lifetime of Love Doula Services
Sunday March 1st from 10:30am-12pm
Kala Yoga - 229 Broadway, Orangeville ON L9W1K4

What is baby led weaning?
What to expect with baby led weaning?
How to know if baby led weaning is the right choice for you and your baby?
How to know if your baby is ready for solids?
How much food to offer your baby?
How to offer solids to a baby safely?
What foods to try first?
Leave with loads of information and a baby friendly recipe booklet. 
Join Angela and Sarah from Mount Wolfe Farm for a farm to table workshop all about including fermented foods into your diet.

When? Saturday April 4th from 1:30-3pm 

Where? 55 Healey Road, Bolton ON
Cost? $35
Healthy fermented food recipes 
How to ferment your own veggies (you will do it yourself at the workshop and take them home with you).
How you can support your gut in being healthy and promote healing
How digestive health is related to mental health
And so much more! 
Contact Angela directly at to save your spot! 

Creating a Healthy and Mindful Little Eater: A workshop all about feeding your 18 month - 4 year olds!

Date & Time in late April TBD
Online Webinar

What your role is as the parent/caregiver when it comes to feeding your little one.
What the child's role is.
How to involve them in meal prep and meal time.
How much food is appropriate for their little bellies at the various ages.
Tips, tricks, and strategies to promote mindful eating.
Tips, tricks and strategies to reduce picky eating.
Receive electronically, placemats to promote healthy eating, family friendly recipes, and other activities to try with your little ones.
Cost -