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Natural Deodorant Love

As a dietitian and total foodie I really care about the food I eat and try to ensure I am eating healthy (at least most of the time). In the last few years I started focusing on eating more plant based meals, locally sourcing foods, and eating seasonally. With all of this I started to rethink some of the products I was using (skin care, deodorant, creams etc.) and began searching for some more ‘natural’ alternatives to my beauty care products.

However, I found it challenging to find a natural deodorant that worked for me. I tried a several products that seemed to work for a few days and then eventually stopped. I eventually gave up and decided to use men’s deodorant instead (because most women’s deodorant is an antiperspirant and not actually a deodorant). I teach fitness classes and personal train, so on some day’s things can get very sweaty and I need something that is going to keep me odour less but I also wanted it to be chemical free.

One of my friends told me she found a miracle natural deodorant, she had tried up to 7 different kinds and this one actually worked. After trying a few myself I decided to take my friend's word and order it online.

Sola coconut deodorant rocked my world. It is all natural and seriously works! I have been using it for over 2 months now (along with my hubby) and we have never smelled. I was so skeptical that I put it on one morning, went for a run and purposely didn’t shower until the evening (I know gross….but I still didn’t stink (amazing right?). I reached out to Christine from Sola Skincare to tell her how much I loved their product and she was kind enough to let me sample a few others.

I had the pleasure of sampling the rose hydrosol toner, balancing face oil, and relief balm. The rose hydrosol toner smells incredible and left my skin feeling super refreshed, the balancing oil was a great source of hydration for my skin, leaving it feeling smooth, moisturized, and nourished (without feeling oily). The relief balm soothed some pain I was experiencing around my shoulder; it was the perfect reason to get some extra massages in and it smelled delightful.

The best part about all of these products is the fact that they are chemical free!

Sola Skincare is a company that truly values the ingredients they use – “what you put on your skin, you put in your body.” They are a family run Canadian company committed to using pure, premium ingredients that truly nourish your skin.

I am sharing a little bit about Sola Skincare with you because I am a huge fan of their coconut deodorant and loved the other products I sampled (I was provided samples).

Their deodorant is handmade from coconut and free from artificial perfumes, fillers, and is aluminum free. With all the benefits, I am thrilled it actually works for me.

Because I love it so much and because Christine from Sola Skincare is awesome, I have partnered with her to give one of you your own deodorant to sample and fall in love with!

Check out my instragram page eatright_rd for contest details! :)

Until next time,

Eat Right Feel Right - Angela XO

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