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Mountains, Ocean Air, and Tacos

Recently I went out west to Victoria BC for the International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity Conference, where I had the opportunity to present in a workshop. I also got to learn a lot about incredible international research studies and explore BC for the first time.

What I loved about Victoria, BC:

1. The food - there were so many incredible restaurants (see below for some recommendations).

2. The views/scenery - harbour front, trees, mountains, it was stunning.

3. Hike Victoria - I went on the most amazing 6.5 km guided hike with Mark from Hike Victoria (see more below).

4. Getting to walk a lot - of course I didn't have a car, so I walked everywhere. This was a lovely change.

5. The 'vacation' vibe - I likely felt this partially because I was away, but there is something about the ocean that just makes you feel relaxed and happy.

If you are ever in Victoria here are four casual meal spots I highly recommend you check out:

Click on the restaurant title to see their webpages.

This was a very little brunch/lunch spot on Fort Street that I absolutely loved. I had a pulled chicken sandwich with a parmesan cheese sauce, fresh spinach, and crispy salami. There were a couple picnic tables outside (hence the name) where I enjoyed my delicious sandwich in the sun. They have a small set menu and daily features.

Be love is a organic, local, and plant-based restaurant that has the most delicious vegan options I have ever tried. I actually ended up visiting this restaurant twice during my short time in Victoria because I loved it so much. I had two different rice bowls which were both perfect and a cashew lemon 'cheesecake,' which I was totally impressed with! I also had the most amazing cocktail called bees knees (made with ginger, gin, and aloe vera).

This little fish joint was floating on water and was in the inner harbour (fisherman's wharf). The view was spectacular and their halibut fish and chips were incredible! To make things even better, their homemade tarter sauce was the best tarter sauce I have ever tried. If you ever go to Victoria, this meal is a must try!

This was a little spot serving delicious tacos. I got the fish taco and a sweet corn/portobello mushroom one. They had plenty of options for the fish lover, vegan, vegetarian, or meat lover. The tables were also a bright blue colour, which gave it a fun 'retro' vibe. Highly recommended for any taco lover!

So I clearly enjoyed eating my way around Victoria Island, but I enjoyed the views even more! Hike Victoria provides guided hiking tours in Victoria BC. The hike was absolutely incredible and allowed me the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Victoria in a short period of time (4-5 hours). The tour guide and company owner Mark was fantastic and is trained in photography. He took amazing pictures of my experience along the way, the memories captured in the images are remarkable. If you are ever in Victoria be sure to check out Hike Victoria.

Here are some pictures that capture some of the amazing views I got to experience. I love being out in nature and feeling small. Our world is so beautiful, it's important to embrace it and enjoy it whenever we get the chance.

Me and the lovely ladies from Domestic PhD ( - enjoying the natural beauty of Victoria, BC

Cheers to local eating, the great outdoors, and beautiful Canada! :)

Until next time,

Eat Right Feel Right - XO

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