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Angela offers a variety of personal nutrition and fitness services both in person and online.  She works with many women and families to help them achieve their nutrition, fitness, and health goals. Angela specializes in pregnany, postpartum, child, and women's nutrition.

Angela is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Family Food Expert. She has additional certifications and training in pilates, TRX, barre, baby led weaning, cognitive behavioural therapy for weight management, and motivational interviewing.

Learn more about her packages and how she can help you meet your personal health goals.



All nutrition and fitness services and packages are being offered online

Nutrition Packages: 

avocado - 1.jpg

Intro to Solids Support Package

Do you feel overwhelmed about introducing solid food to your baby and are not sure where or who to turn to for information?
Let me help support you during this transition time.
Package includes:
1) Private baby led weaning seminar 
2) Meal plan (plan of action) for introducing solids for your baby and their personal needs
3) Follow up check in visit (20-30 minutes) + modified plan of action.

Healthy Eating Package

Family Cooking

Healthy Habits at Home Package

Initial nutrition assessment (1 hour)
2 follow up sessions (30 minutes)
Online support throughout - includes meal planning, grocery lists, healthy recipes, goal setting, tracking, and body composition measurements.
Option to include individualized meal plan to suit your specific nutrition needs. (additional $150)
A great starter package if you need help with:
Digestion/gut health
Healthy meal ideas
Weight loss 
Changing eating habits
Creating healthy routines
Breaking disordered eating behaviours
Includes initial family assessment (1 hour)
2 follow up visits (30 minutes) 
Healthy family recipes
Family goal setting 
Meal planning (additional fee)
Option for in home/virtual cooking lessons
Option for home visits
* This package can be tailored to any child nutrition concern as well, including picky eating, sports nutrition for your little one, food allergies, and family meal time support.
Cute Girl Eating Apple

Creating a Mindful Little Eater Support Package

With this package you will learn more about how to support your little eater in making healthy choices and eating a variety of foods. You will also learn more strategies on how to handle picky eating and how to best support your child in exploring and trying new foods. 
Package Includes:
1) Initial assessment to determine your child's specific nutrition needs and create a plan of action
2) 2 follow up visits (30-40 minutes) to discuss how changes are working
3) 2 plans of action (an initial and a follow up plan). 
4) Activities for your child, including recipe testing, activities to encourage trying new foods, a virtual cooking demo with Angela, and more!
5) Supplement suggestions if necessary

Mother with her Baby

Healthy Mama Package

Are you pregnant or home with your new little one? 
Includes an initial assessment to determine your individual needs for pregnancy, postpartum, or lactation. Supplement suggestions will be provided if necessary. 
Education will vary depending on personal needs but can include, weight management, gestational diabetes, fluid retention, high blood pressure, eating behaviours, cravings, food aversions, etc. 
Includes 2 30-minute follow up sessions. 

For couples or friends working together, each person gets a 25% discount on each session.

See below for more details on genetic nutrition testing and hormone testing for women.

Options to combine fitness and nutrition packages. Contact Angela directly to inquire about this.

Hormones word wooden cubes on a white ba

Healthy Hormones Package

$Price will vary
Have you been feeling tired or off? Are you having trouble maintaining or losing weight? Are your periods all over the place or causing a lot of symptoms? Are you going through menopause or a major hormone shift, like after having a baby?
Let's focus on sorting out your hormones and having you feel your best again.
Program always starts with an initial assessment. A plan of action will be discussed afterwards in order to serve your individual needs.

Nutrition Programs:

Details Coming Soon! 
Next 6-week online group program starting in early March 2021
Details Coming Soon! 
8-week individualized online program
Join Angela for a 7-day plant-based eating challenge this May. 
Challenge Includes:
-Sample meal plan
-Plant based protein suggestions
-Online community support 
-Eating guidelines for the 7-days
-Webinar with Angela all about plant-based eating and your health
When? Starts Monday May 10th
Cost? $25

Nutrition Webinars:

Other Services


Cooking lessons, Meal planningNutrigenomix (genetic nutrition testing), Media Work, Fitness Support , Dutch Hormone Testing, and Much More!


Many extended health care plans cover RD services, check to see if you’re covered.

Payments can be paid in full or on a per session basis.  

Just want to visit me as you need to? No problem.
  • Initial consult - $140
  • Follow-up nutrition sessions (60 minutes) - $90.00
  • Nutrition Check-ins (30 minutes) - $70.00
  • Individualized meal plan fee - $150.00
Required 12 hour notification to reschedule or cancel an existing appointment. If you are unable to provide this notice a $35.00 late cancel fee will be applied. If you have an emergency please inform us.

Functional Nutrition Testing:


With all things nutrition and fitness, I truly believe in a personalized approach. There is no standard or proper approach to healthy eating and fitness, you have to find what works best for you and your body.

Nutrigenomix offers personalized nutrition advice, based on your genes. Nutrigenomix is a multinational company founded by renowned- experts in the field of nutrition and genetics. In fact, the company originated out of the University of Toronto. Their tests and reports provide evidence-based, actionable nutrition and lifestyle genetic information. Studies have shown that DNA-based dietary advice can increase an individual’s motivation and compliance.


If you are looking for a comprehensive review of your diet and health, this is the test for you. The salvia based tests consider how your genetics influence your body composition, nutrient requirements, food intolerances, eating habits, etc. Currently there are three test options, the health test, the sport test, and the fertility test.


To learn more about each test, please click here and visit their website. If you have any questions or want to take the test, please contact Angela directly.


Sample Report Health Test

Sample Report Sport Test

Sample Report Fertility Test

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 3.23.42 PM.png

In my experience working with women, I commonly see under or non- diagnosed hormone imbalances. Unfortunately, some of the standard blood work captured doesn’t best reflect everything going on behind the scenes with our hormones.


In comes the DUTCH test (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones). This advanced hormone test created by Precision Analytical Inc. offers the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones and metabolites, providing you with the information needed to make changes to help balance your hormones.


Why test for hormone imbalances?


Hormones imbalances can create all sorts of unwanted symptoms (that seem to have no fix)!

  • Fatigue

  • Weight gain

  • Mood swings

  • Depression

  • Poor sexual function

  • Hot flashes

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Belly fat

  • Uncontrollable cravings

  • Decreased immunity


The DUTCH test measures key hormones and their metabolites using 4-5 days of dried urine samples (collected from your own home, super easy)!


To learn more about the dutch test, please click here. If you have any questions or want to take the test, please contact Angela directly.


Sample DUTCH complete female report

For more information on Workshops and Fitness Programs Contact Angela

Spreading Health and Love

Client Testimonials 

Angela has helped me become aware of my eating habits, which has allowed me to make changes to my diet and overall lifestyle. Her approach is non-judgemental and extremely motivating. Teaching me how to be aware of my daily food choices has really helped me reach some personal goals of mine, and I am so thankful for her help."


Your plan is by far the best I've had. I've struggled with obesity my entire life and seen many Dietitians and you are by far the best - thanks for doing what you do! I really appreciate your honest and realistic approach. I feel like you 'get it' with regards to people's lives being busy, but also just that people want to eat easy to prep, tasty food (not salmon and broccoli or salad all the time!)


"I hired Angela as a personal trainer and could not be more pleased with my results. She helped me work towards my personal fitness goals, but also made me feel confident in my abilities. Over just a few sessions, I began to see progress in my fitness abilities, and I continue to be surprised. She is a great coach to have. "



"I have completely changed my lifestyle since working with Angela. I have lost several inches from my waist and now eat and exercise in ways that make me feel happy and great (on the inside and outside). I never once felt like I was on a diet (and she never wants you to) and this really helped me find joy in eating healthy and living well.

I would highly recommend you let her support you through your lifestyle change, she has been an amazing supporter and motivator!"


"I love working out with Angela!

She is knowledgeable and has a different personalized workout ready for me each session.

She keeps it interesting and her enthusiastic and positive attitude makes it seem like fun…even though

I’m working hard.

I would highly recommend Angela as a personal trainer and a fitness inspiration!"


 I followed her on Facebook at Eat Right Feel Right with her educational posts about food and exercise.  I participated in a 35 day online exercise program January 2017 and continued to get to know her. She's genuine and really paid attention to my constant questions and helped me  by educating me on so many areas of food and exercise which I never really knew a lot about.  


 I started Pilates with Angela, she's fabulous I have no regrets - I am fit and I feel great so I approached here for nutrition support and wow how amazed I was and continue to be.  Angela is approachable and loves what she does because she makes me feel like I'm her only client and dedicates her time and energy to help me become successful - she has changed my life in such a huge way that I'm blessed to have met her.


Angela has helped me make a healthy lifestyle switch by teaching me how to be eat healthy with preparing weekly meal plans.

Everyday was a chore when I had to think of what to cook and now I pre plan my entire week, make 1 grocery stop and have the ingredients in my refrigerator ready, I eat healthy and my family doesn't complain anymore and fast food isn't a staple in my home anymore.   I am overwhelmed with the incredible results,  I have more energy, overall I feel stronger, healthier, and much more confident.


Angela is so professional, encouraging and kind. Not only does she have the background in nutrition, she is the best cheerleader for my weight loss journey. She's my personal trainer and Pilates coach - overall she's my Health & Wellness support team! I'm who I am today thanks to her.  I would recommend Angela Wallace to anyone looking for nutrition & exercise help! 


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