Nuts are one of the best snacks you can reach for when the mid day hunger strikes. They are packed with protein, fibre, and healthy fats; all of which help keep you satisfied post meal and help reduce cravings.

What makes nuts so NUT-ritious?

  • Nuts are heart...

Are you going nuts trying to find nut-free alternatives to peanut butter and snacks that include peanut butter? Here are some options that you’ll love if you have a peanut allergy or are packing a nut-free lunch for your child. 

1. Sunflower butter

Sunflower butter is a...

Soup! It’s what you think of when you hear the cold wind blowing outside or when you feel you’re coming down with a cold (or maybe both). The good news is soup has several benefits in addition to the fact that it has the power to warm you up on a chilly night. Read on...

Fall is almost here (officially at least, the warm weather is making me feel differently). With fall comes some of my favourite comfort foods including soup, chili, stew, and roasted chicken. When making meals that take some extra time, it's beneficial to make big batc...

Do you find it difficult to choose a bread? Are some better for you than others? We see all sorts of terms like, whole wheat, whole grain and multigrain when walking down the bread aisle in the grocery store.  But what do all these terms mean? Is there a difference and...

Is green tea better for you than black and oolong tea? What are its health benefits? What is matcha all about? Find out below!

Is green tea better for you than black or oolong tea?

There are three main types of teas: green, black and oolong tea. All three are derived fro...

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